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The MyConnection PC Advanced through Business Plus Editions are available in a single download with a 15-day trial period which enables you to test the software prior to purchase. Just download, install and run to start the trial period.

If you have any questions about installing or implementing the software for your requirements, please contact Support. Once a product license has been purchased, simply run the product and apply the product license key provided to you by email.


MyConnection PC (all editions)

Windows 8\10\11 1.5Mb Download

MyConnection PC runs on Windows PC/laptop and tests connections to Visualware server locations (San Jose CA, Chicago IL, Ashburn, VA, London).

See Visualware's MyConnection Server network testing suite to enable connection testing to your organization's location(s), and provide services that include:

•  Accurate measurement of connection speed and capacity.
•  Network assessment testing for services such as VoIP, Video and IPTV.
•  Pre-qualification of customer connections.
•  Verification of new services deployments.
•  Identification of data flow quality problems.
•  Troubleshooting end-user connection problems


Upgrade to MyConnection PC v4 from a previous version at 40% off using the link below:

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