MyConnection PC Lite

Free for non-business use

MyConnection PC Lite Edition is for home users to test their Internet speeds and connection quality.

MyConnection PC accurately measures Internet connection bandwidth, provides an easy to understand report of download and upload speeds, and rates the quality of the connection.

  • Installs and runs from your personal computer, test your Internet connection to servers in the US and UK
  • Reports your connection quality - the consistency of download capacity is a critical measure for bandwidth-intensive applications such as VoIP and multimedia
  • Graphical charts display the actual flow of data transfers during a connection test to help identify the cause of poor performance
  • Gauge view provides additional display of your speed test performance


For months I was having network performance problems but was making no progress with our ISP. I looked around for a comprehensive test suite and found Visualware’s MySpeed. Their expert explained why I needed to do a 24 hour test and what the results meant. A day later I had graphical evidence that proved one of the ISP’s routers was misconfigured. Of course the question I have to ask is, “Why don’t all ISPs use this type of test suite? - DR

This product rocks. I won an argument with my ISP when I told them my throughput had deteriorated and I had the data to back up my claim. They criticized my test method until they found out it was your product I was using. Then they took a serious look on their end and fixed my problem. I'm back to my normal 6 mbs here at home and loving it. I use your [Advanced] managed testing feature to keep an eye on my service. - Timothy Rood

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